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As the final post to a 3-part blog series validating what I’ll label as “over the top” partner-value of ProCloud Wi-Fi, let’s direct our attention to the final three, of the promised 10 reasons (see ProCloud Wi-Fi Part One, ProCloud Wi-Fi Part Two) ADTRAN’s ProCloud Wi-Fi is unequivocally the best channel solution to build a wireless practice around. With a guaranteed 99.99% uptime and proactive 7×24 monitoring, ADTRAN’s “no worry” managed, business-class Wi-Fi service will be your best business decision you’ll make in 2014. Why? Because you’ll quickly discover how easy it is to become a leading wireless infrastructure expert with ProCloud Wi-Fi in your respective market(s). Drum roll please; here we go – and the final three of the ten incredible reasons that ProCloud Wi-Fi is the absolute best channel partner solution for wireless infrastructure are;


  1. ProCare Help Desk; ADTRAN is the only managed wireless infrastructure provider to offer channel partners a round-the-clock, 24×7 help desk service on behalf of your customer, or your customer’s customer or guest when they’re experiencing wireless connectivity issues. If your customer wants to direct guests and clients to a “first response” help desk for wireless connectivity and usage questions, but neither you nor they have ample resources or manpower to staff one, then ADTRAN’s ProCare Help Desk is a perfect solution.  As part of our award-winning ProServices portfolio, resellers can address hospitality, education, retail and other SMB sectors to capture new revenue opportunities and improve end-user satisfaction by offloading help desk support to ADTRAN.  Another opportunity to think of ADTRAN as an extended part of your team!
  2. Scalability; with no hardware controller to worry about on the customer’s premises, ProCloud Wi-Fi is the perfect “no-worry” managed vWLAN IaaS in response to customer BYOD challenges. You’ll never have to be concerned about customer scalability as the user control and network management software operate in the cloud – thereby, the virtual controller doesn’t have to be on the same LAN as the APs – making ProCloud a great solution for a distributed network environment spanning across multiple locations. Simply deploy the necessary access points and point them to our managed cloud service and you’ll recognize a significant decrease in TCO and resource requirements.
  3. System Management & Reporting; I know what you’re thinking; “Hhhmmm, if ADTRAN is managing the customer’s wireless infrastructure in the cloud, why would they promote system management and reporting.” Great question and you’re absolutely correct; ProCloud Wi-Fi is a managed cloud-based (wireless) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.  ADTRAN manages, ADTRAN monitors, ADTRAN responds to alerts, and ADTRAN consistently evaluates system reports. However, at your discretion and as the solution provider, you have access to ProCloud’s performance dashboards to also monitor the customer’s wireless environment in real time. Coupled with that, and if you so choose, you can create multiple customized reports (as they’re dynamic) to present perspectives of the wireless network in its current state or from historical trends.  


And there you have it. The 10 extraordinarily unique and important channel partner reasons (benefits) which validate why ADTRAN’s ProCloud Wi-Fi is the world’s leading wireless infrastructure solution for channel partners and end user customers alike. In review, they are; (1) Simplicity, (2) Quicker Market Response, (3) Disaster Recovery, (4) Unmatched Security, (5) Partner Cloud, (6) Freedom to Migrate, (7) ADTRAN’s ProServices, (8) ProCare Help Desk, (9) Scalability, and (10) System Management & Reporting.


And this is why ProCloud Wi-Fi is the preferred wireless infrastructure choice of channel partners and carriers around the globe.


Learn more about ProCloud Wi-Fi;


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Part 2 – Channel Partners: 10 Reasons to Recruit ADTRAN ProCloud Wi-Fi

Last week, we introduced a channel-value perspective of ADTRAN’s ProCloud Wi-Fi, the industry’s first no-worry business-class wireless managed service. 10 Reasons to Recruit ADTRAN ProCloud Wi-Fi. I referenced four reasons (from a list of 10) as to why ProCloud Wi-Fi has the greatest intrinsic value for a managed cloud-based WLAN solution, emphasizing 99.99% reliability and customer-pleasing simplicity – even if your organization doesn’t have a wireless discipline!   

This week, as the second post to a 3-part blog series, I’d like to review three new, yet definitely unique reasons why ProCloud Wi-Fi is the best choice for the channel solution provider, the customer, and the customer’s customer; all essential stakeholders in addressing BYOD challenges. Let’s take a look at what I would suggest are extraordinarily unique and important channel partner options (benefits) which collectively, you won’t find from any other vendor.   

1.  Partner Cloud: Ok, so ProCloud Wi-Fi is a cloud-based wireless infrastructure service which ADTRAN manages with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. Got it! However, based upon your organization’s wireless experience, another option you (channel partner) may want to consider aside from ProCloud Wi-Fi is ProCloud Wi-Fi Private Label; the difference is that you would manage the wireless infrastructure on behalf of your customer, while ADTRAN continues to hosts the cloud-based software controller. In essence, you design your own unique and compelling managed services model, while we continue to take care of all the datacenter requirements. With ProCloud Wi-Fi Private Label, you not only gain greater flexibility and recognize stronger margins; you’re also able to market and sell the service behind your own company brand name and logo. See, what did I tell you? But wait, it gets better.

2.  Freedom to Migrate: ADTRAN leads the industry with the only wireless infrastructure service that allows the channel to migrate their wireless service model from one market entry point to another. “Anderson, what the heck are you talking about?” Let’s fast forward the tape 4-6 months and hypothetically say you’ve been promoting ADTRAN’s no-worry ProCloud Wi-Fi managed services. Of course, your customers just absolutely love it and your sales people find it incredibly easy to sell! Then later, you and your team decide that wireless is a piece of cake and believe ProCloud Wi-Fi Private Label is a much better fit. No problem. With ADTRAN, you have the freedom to migrate your customer base to ProCloud Wi-Fi Private Label – at any time – and continue to market and sell your newly branded managed wireless service. But wait, it gets better!

In a different scenario, let’s say you’re selling ProCloud Wi-Fi Private Label and are just crushing the competition. Yet, later you determine cloud-based wireless infrastructure services is a “walk in the park” and not only can your team manage it with their eyes closed, but could manage and host the software controller (ADTRAN vWLAN virtualized on a VMware hypervisor), essentially offering a public cloud wireless infrastructure service – behind your brand name and logo. Well, with ADTRAN you can do that!  You have the flexibility to transition your customer base to the datacenter of your choice and begin selling your own cloud-based Wi-Fi service! Now, as they say in our Burlington, MA office; “That’s wicked cool!”

3.  ADTRAN ProServices: If you find that from time-to-time your network ops team needs assistance, we have a great solution called ADTRAN ProServices. One of ADTRAN’s ProServices which tends to come in quite handily with ProCloud Wi-Fi is ADTRAN ProStart.  With ProStart, you have a broad selection of services to choose from to help (a) evaluate, design and plan an enterprise customer’s wireless infrastructure which ranges from remote predicative site survey, to pre-installation onsite wireless site survey, to onsite readiness assessment, and then, (b) assist with the implementation of the wireless infrastructure design, which includes ProStart Express, ProStart Remote, and ProStart Onsite. All of these great ADTRAN ProStart options are described further with more information at ADTRAN ProServices, and several of them can be ordered as a private label version under your company’s unique brand name and logo.

I trust you now realize why ProCloud Wi-Fi is the preferred wireless infrastructure choice of channel partners and carriers around the globe. I’ll provide the final three “channel partner value” tenets of ProCloud Wi-Fi next week. One of them was just announced this week in a press release; ADTRAN ProCare Help Desk.

Stay tuned and learn more.


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Channel Partners: 10 Reasons to Recruit ADTRAN ProCloud Wi-Fi

We realize that as a Value Added Reseller (VAR), you’re constantly reevaluating your line card portfolio to remain parallel with changes in the market. Many times, the relevant costs outweigh potential business opportunities because “their technology” hasn’t kept up with industry innovation. And with the proliferation of mobile devices, it’s quite possible that particular wireless vendors have . . . not kept up.  And when you begin to look at different choices relative to cloud-based wireless solutions – well, it gets complicated.

At ADTRAN, we simply offer a no-worry cloud-based WLAN solution that we manage called ProCloud Wi-Fi. Our cloud is not just a buzzword; it’s the most affordable business-class wireless offering for customers at either one or one thousand locations. And it’s so simple, that you can start selling ProCloud Wi-Fi today.

What if my company doesn’t have a discipline in wireless infrastructure?” No worries. With ProCloud Wi-Fi, we’ll help you look like a Wi-Fi hero. In fact, we have ten different reasons why ProCloud Wi-Fi is the best channel solution to build a wireless practice around. In this three-part blog series starting with today’s post, I’ll share with you how easy it is to become a leading market expert in wireless infrastructure.  Here are the first four:

  1.  Simple and Easy:  We understand how busy your network admin resources are. Let us help! With ADTRAN ProCloud Wi-Fi, you can virtually support all of your customer’s Wi-Fi network requirements by leveraging our managed services. Think of ADTRAN as an extension of your network operations team. How? We manage customer’s wireless infrastructure. We respond to alarms and notifications.  We staff the industry’s top networking experts. We take care of automatic software updates (afterhours and transparent). And then we also take care of all that datacenter stuff with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. How cool is that?
  2. Go to Market Quicker:  ProCloud Wi-Fi allows you, your customer, or prospective customer to respond more effectively to wireless infrastructure needs and multi-site deployments as there’s never a hassle to install a hardware controller – ever. And with the surge of BYOD, you never have to worry about installing incremental controllers or servers or server software – which by the way takes time, money and resources. With ADTRAN ProCloud Wi-Fi, you simply deploy the necessary access points, point them to our cloud service and viola; you have wireless my friend!
  3. Disaster Recovery: ADTRAN ProCloud Wi-Fi ensures your customers have an always-on wireless network with innovative High-availability (HA) architecture providing zero-packet-loss. Couple that with redundant datacenter infrastructure and you have 99.99% reliability – guaranteed. With ProCloud Wi-Fi, you can now promote industry-leading SLAs (NBD or 4-hour hardware replacement; 1-hour or 30-min phone response) to your clients and new prospects. Like, today!
  4. Unmatched Security: You’ll sleep better knowing your customers have a secure business-class wireless networking environment with ProCloud Wi-Fi. With our intelligent APs, you won’t have to worry about intruding hacker threats; our APs have built-in firewalls to detect and turn-away malicious attacks at the edge. And with role based access we can help segment guest and employee traffic from the customer’s operational traffic with encrypted tunnels between the APs and the cloud-based controller. Now you can go back to bed!

Hopefully, you’re beginning to realize why ProCloud Wi-Fi is the preferred reliable choice of channel partners and carriers around the globe and why they trust ADTRAN to manage their customer’s wireless infrastructure in the cloud. I’ll provide additional insight into the “channel partner value” of ProCloud Wi-Fi next week. Stay tuned and learn more.

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TelecomTV | Video | Vectoring is big time

TelecomTV | Video | Vectoring is big time.

“Vectoring is big time”

Broadband World Forum Europe, Eduard Scheiterer, Managing Director of Adtran GmBH, speaks with TelecomTV’s Martyn Warwick about the biggest challenges for Operators and the areas of greatest demand for the physical network, including vectoring, across both big and small systems, and the areas of greatest innovation, including fixed access Wi-Fi and innovation at the end point.

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Gigabit Service Delivery – How Can We Get There?

Join Lightwave and ADTRAN Tuesday, September 17th to learn how delivering gigabit services will result in numerous benefits for the service provider including network evolution, consolidation of services, network convergence, and simplification.

The pressure is rising for service providers to offer gigabit services to residences and small businesses. This is being fueled by regulatory changes like the 20/20 initiative. The question plaguing many service providers is how to transition the network to deliver higher bandwidth services without abandoning investments in GPON, point-to-point Ethernet, VDSL2 and vectoring.

Craig Goodwin, ADTRAN product manager, Fiber-to-the-Premises solutions
Kurt Raaflaub, ADTRAN global product marketing, Carrier Networks Division

Date: 17 September 2013
01:00 PM Eastern | 12:00 PM Central | 10:00 AM Pacific | 17:00 Greenwich Mean Time
Registration Link

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